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“Mira” Holcombe has only one goal in life: To destroy the Duke of Tallant, Jermyn Keynes. Simply for the pleasure of it, he ruined her life, robbed her family of their land and valuables, and now threatens to destroy them entirely. How can a young woman caring for her disabled father bring down a powerful aristocrat? Only her father knows her deepest secrets, and he hopes that in London she will find a kind and gentle man to wed. But Mira is focused only on vengeance, whatever the cost. As she devises a plan to kill the duke, she discovers that Tallant’s dark-souled younger brother, Michael, is bent on the same course. Can she believe he’ll help her? Dare she trust him?Michael Keynes once burned with dreams and goals, but all have been consumed by his determination to rid the earth of his tyrannical brother. After meeting the irresistible Mira, his mission changes. He resolves to protect her at any cost, and when the duke is found murdered, Michael deflects suspicion onto himself. But can he save Mira from her worst enemy . . . herself? 
Neither can deny the electricity between them. Mira bewitches him with her sharp tongue and quick wit. Michael captivates her with his rakish brand of honor and his brilliant scheming on her behalf. Will she be able to escape the past and dare to reach for a better future? Will Michael see beyond the family’s despicable heritage and make a new start in his own life? Can they redeem each other?
Heart of the Tiger on Amazon. 
The Golden Leopard  at Belle Bridge Books
The Golden Leopard at Amazon 

July 2012  -  $14.95

ISBN: 978-1-61194-139-5

Lady Jessica's put the past behind her until one night at an auction when Duran shows up. He's back in England, and he has plans that involve her. Can she resist what he has in mind?

Lady Jessica "Jessie” Carville gave up on up men six years ago, after being deserted by Lord Hugo Duran, the man she loved beyond all reason. She has carried on with her life and . . . shockingly . . . with her career. Although most of Society frowns upon a woman in business, Lady Jessica is a natural at collecting and selling antiques. She’s put the past behind her until one night at an auction, when Duran shows up. He’s back in England, and he has plans that involve her. Can she resist what he has in mind?


Duran, though willful and mysterious, is a gentleman—when it suits him. Yet he left his lover without so much a note saying why. Now he’s on a mission filled with danger. If he doesn’t succeed, he will die. Can he convince Jessica to help him without endangering her as well?
ABOUT GWEN’S GHOST - Available on Amazon


Eternity is a bloody bore for Valerian Caine. At age 27, a swashbuckling, amoral 18th Century rake, he was cut down in a duel by a ricocheting bullet. Now stewing resentfully in a bureaucratic afterlife, he leaps at the chance to regain his human form and return to his self-indulgent existence. But there’s a catch. He’ll be transported to the England of a hundred years later, and will have one month to end the family feud launched by that fatal duel and ensure the happiness of the Caine and Sevaric descendants. If he succeeds, he’ll be transported back to his former life and the bullet will miss him. But standing between him and his goal is the obstinately unhappy and ascerbic Gwen Sevaric—and his surprising desire to be forever the one who makes her smile.

Winner of the RITA Award for Best Regency Romance.

“A compelling, out-of-touch rake and a plain, prickly heroine come together here in a funny, involving Regency.”   Library Journal

“A delicious, delightful romp. A wonderful collaboration by two very gifted authors…. Magical. Their characters are fresh and fascinating. Guardian angels, mysterious treasures, family feuds and a love that transcends time. …entertaining from beginning to end!   Literary Times


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