Cracking a Group Discussion Round


Group discussions are an integral part of the selection process in various, or rather all companies as well as top level colleges for B school programs. Group discussions are also a part of the recruitment process in many companies. The sole motto of group discussion is to select the most creative as well as the spontaneous mind, with influencing capabilities.    The personality of a student gets well reflected through this process; this is a self-boosting process as well which eradicates shyness of an individual, and with constant practice, it can bring out the confident self of the individual.

Group Discussion

Tips to clear group discussions can be discussed further-


What comes up first on the list is the posture that one should maintain while participating in a group discussion. Well, one should sit straight, be confident about his or her posture and should not make a frequent change of posture. Fidgeting should be stopped.

Allow others to take a Chance:

One shouldn’t just keep on speaking. Allowing others to speak is a way of respecting his or her subordinates as it is a group discussion round. Cutting in while someone else is speaking is justified only when the previous speaker has deviated too far from the main issue.

Coming up with opinions:

While one has raised an objection on the speech or facts spoken by one of the participants, backing up the reply with worthy information should be one’s core motive. One needs to be an active speaker, as the confidence, as well as dynamics, is examined by the examiner and only an opportunist will succeed in such a situation.

Some Add-ons:

Facts, quotes, and phrases give an extra edge to the speaker, but one should be very careful about the accuracy of the information. Giving out wrong information is even more hampering than a speech without any facts.

Ethics are a part of your nature which can work in your favor every place you go. Being humble and open to others’ thoughts and opinions rather than forcing your opinion on others is a sign of broad mindedness, which is an essential quality of a leader.

Well, a lot has been spoken about the confidence a speaker needs to display and then core elements to succeed in a group discussion. The group discussions are not always just about individual performances.  There are people in a group who are shy, confused and are on the verge of giving up. They sit idle till the end of the session.  If any of the participants, faces such a situation, one simply need to help them overcome their shyness and prompt them to add to the discussion. This may earn you extra points from the coordinator.


While concluding it can be said that group discussion rounds help in judging the candidates in the best way possible. The knowledge that an individual has as well as his communicational skills can be judged in these discussions. One is allowed to be very vocally active about his or her opinions and has a fair chance to stand out among the group members.