Internet of Things – Changing One’s Outlook About The World


Internet of Things has changed the dimension of how one looks at the world today; everything that we look at today has been connected together through a string of devices which allow people to take superb decisions as well as manage them in the most precisely correct way.

Internet of Things

IOT in today’s World:

It ranges from wearable devices to various smart phone devices, summing up to be a technologically advanced invention, very useful in our day to day life. Examples of IOT in today’s World are discussed further; the Smart toothbrushes are one such invention for kids which come along with games for your kids. The smart toothbrushes available under different brand names can be easily connected with the smart phones of the parents and give way to healthy tips for the kids’ as well as parents’ oral health.

Car Tracking Adapter:

Up next is the Automated Car Tracking Adapter; as the name says, this device has been designed to allow you to keep track of the mileage, the fuel level, the fuel costs along with other information about the car. This also allows you to keep a note of the servicing trips of your car as well that of refilling the fuel. Many such inventions follow suite including the Coffee brewer installed at your office; well, a coffee making the machine has been in the industry for a very long time but what makes it highly functional is the range of textures of coffee available from this coffee vending machine. One can make coffee from anywhere at any time, as it makes the quickest of cappuccino or Americano for you.

The animals also seem to have benefitted from these appliances or gadgets which are very supportive and increase the efficiency of your work. There are certain pet feeder appliances as well which keep a note about the pet food, the timings of the pet food along with notifications which are sent to their users’ smart phone when the pet food is about to be stocked out.

IOT in today’s World is about to revolutionize the work completely if not already, as every task we will do will be synced with various appliances as well as wearable’s which will send continuous notifications about important issues, along with setting reminders for unavoidable assignments.

The Health Care:

The health care IOT is the most useful one, which allows the healthcare organization as well as doctors to keep track of the various health reports of an individual such as the ECG reports, blood sugar level reports and the blood pressure reports. Well, through this IOT, the doctor stays aware of the potential threats to their patient’s health even before the patient visits the doctor’s chambers.

There are certain IOT systems available where all the appliances as well as equipment such as the lights, the speaker, the cameras installed are synced with your smart phone centrally and can be accessed all together with a single swish of your phone.