Top Three Toughest Exams of the World


Exams are ruling the world scenario as people from all over the world are looking forward to study the course of their choice in the reputed institutions and a tough competition thus exists among the aspirants. These exams are centered around varied genres such as medical exams, engineering exams and certain civil service exams that bring you one step closer to your career goal. The list of tough, competitive exams also comprises professional exams which are held for a working lot of people to get past the basic requirements of the job.



Listed here are the top 3 toughest exams in the world:

Master Sommelier Diploma Exam:

It has been ranked first among the toughest of the competitive exams all around the world. This exam was conducted for the very first time around 40 years back in the UK, and since the dawn of this examination, only 200 candidates have made it through this exam in all these four decades. Students who get past these exams have already attempted the exam two or three times previously as well.

Candidates are always uncertain about the standards that are expected by the selective committee conducting this exam. The exam is divided into three sections- the theory, the service and the blind testing rounds. Well, going past the first and the second rounds is very easy, but one gets stuck in the third round where the bar for qualification has been set very high.

CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Exam:

It is an exam for the professional people with four years of prior working experience. Only a few people can crack this and that too after repetitive attempts. It is a three step exam where the first, as well as the second stage of the exam, comprises multiple choice questions, and the third stage consists of subjective questions that are lengthy as essays along with a few more multiple choice questions.

It is said that every finance or investment professional appears in this exam at least once in his lifetime.

All Souls Prize Fellowship Exam:

It is another tough nut to crack; held at Oxford University’s All Souls College, it stands out to be one of the toughest exams for fellowship in the world.

Only two students are selected from the given number of candidates who appear for the exam. The exam is divided into 4 segments, each lasting for around three hours based on the factual mind as well as highly creative mind concepts, and is not at all easy to grasp.

So these are three of the toughest competitive exams in the world. Students, as well as professionals, try very hard to get past these exams in their career which would give them an edge over the other candidates. These exams are so tough that even a single attempt in appearing these exams is taken up as a very brave move. People going on to qualify these exams in maybe two to three attempts receive utmost encouragement and enthusiasm.